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For over 25 years, DJ Emron has been playing music to audiences across the world. This dedication to music began when he was a very young boy in British Guyana.

He was born into a family of 8 children and in their spare time they formed a band. Emron discovered that he was interested in sound, so he became the band's sound engineer, as well as working at his Father's cinema at the same time.

Here, under the watchful eye of his Father, he learnt about acoustics, and how to project sound and music to large amounts of people. Emron found out that he had a love for music and began buying vinyl recordings of his favourite music. 

During the intervals of his band's gig, he would play his records, and people began to ask about the records and who was playing them. He became quite popular, and thus began to put on shows completely based on his records and sound system.

These proved to be massively popular and now, 25 years later; he is based in London and still doing the thing he loves most – playing music for the enjoyment of others. 


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